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Do you feel like you could be healthier? Maybe you haven’t felt like yourself for a while? Or, are you struggling with negative thoughts and emotions? These feelings of stress, negativity and imbalance occur when our life force, the energy that flows throughout our bodies, is disrupted.

When we accept negative thoughts or feelings about ourselves - whether consciously or unconsciously, that negative energy causes a disruption in life force. To feel completely comfortable, happy and present in life requires a clear and balanced flow of our life force. But, with busy lifestyles that blur our focus, it can feel impossible to get back to a feeling of peace and personal well being without a helping hand. At Back 2 Yourself, we assist you on your own journey towards health, happiness and wellbeing - facilitating changes that last.

The calling to spread healing through my hands has always driven me. Attaining Reiki Master qualifications in Chiang Mai, Thailand I began to turn my passion for helping others into a life’s purpose. Through the ancient arts of Reiki, Thai Yoga Massage, Deep Tissue and Relaxation Massage, and Foot Reflexology, I help you understand and embrace the energy circle within your own body.

At Back 2 Yourself we restore your health and wellbeing by targeting your weakened energy flow and blocked pathways. Have you felt tired, devoid of energy, unsettled, unwell or indecisive? These are symptoms of weakened energy. We work towards clearing energy blockages, strengthening life force and enhancing your own natural ability to self heal. If this sounds like a lot to digest don’t worry, it’s really quite simple. Your body has a set pattern to self-regulate. When this gets disrupted, you need some help to get things back on track and that’s exactly what we do.

Don’t get stuck thinking the answer to your stress and negativity comes from constant visits to the doctor, medication or an acceptance of your current state of disconnect. Working within a holistic framework, we’ll work to bring down your internal blockages and bring you back up to a strong, healthy and happy version of yourself - not a temporary fix, but a total lifestyle change.

Find your inner health and wellbeing, at Back 2 Yourself.

Private, in-person appointments are available for Deep Tissue and Relaxation Massage, Reiki Healings, Thai Yoga Massage and Foot Reflexology in Byron Bay.

Reiki healing's are available worldwide through Skype.

Our Services


Deep Tissue Massage

Relaxation Massage

Reiki Healings

Thai Yoga Massage

40 minutes $50
1 hour $80
1.5 hours $120

Foot Reflexology

20 minutes $35


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on relieving chronic muscle tension by targeting the deeper layers of muscle, tissue, tendons and fascia, the protective layer surrounding muscles and joints. Our Deep Tissue Massage is extremely beneficial for people leading busy lifestyles and suffering through work related stress. Does this sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. However, carrying around stress shouldn’t be a badge of honour, “I’m so busy you wouldn’t believe how stressed I am…”. It shouldn’t be this way!

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Relaxation Massage

At Back 2 Yourself we provide relaxation massages to relax your body and mind. Our full body, head or neck and shoulders treatment typically uses a range of long and flowing strokes alongside gentle kneading and muscle manipulation with continual contact to draw the stress from your body and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Our personally selected Thai oil and massage oil supplements help stimulate, balance and relax to leave you feeling brand new.

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Reiki Healings

Life flows through all of us. Traveling on energy pathways in our bodies it nourishes our organs and cells, helping them with their vital functions and keeping us feeling happy and healthy. When this life flow is disrupted it causes imbalance in our organs, and the muscle and tissue surrounding them. Have you felt like your body isn’t operating at full capacity? It’s often a feeling that’s difficult to explain or something you can’t quite put your finger on. Have you exhausted your options trying to find the cause of your imbalance? If so, Reiki can provide the solution.

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Thai Yoga Massage

Unlike traditional massage where you act as a passive participant, a Thai Yoga massage is an entirely different experience with wider and more lasting benefits. Thai Yoga Massage, or Nuad Buran, is an ancient healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles and assisted yoga postures, or Asanas - helping you twist, stretch and bend within an Eastern massage tradition. In addition to opening the energy pathways in your body, Thai Yoga massage has been shown to help with headaches, stress reduction and the management of chronic pain.

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: judith@back2yourself.org

Photos by Daniela Boerner - www.danielaboerner.de

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Hours of Operation

Home visits in the Byron Shire area and in Tenterfield.
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Call: +61 431 317 588
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